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January 7, 2011

Honeymoon Costa Rica JESS Kalinowsky Friends Travel LLP

The Honeymoon

A wedding is the beginning of a new life like couple, it is the fusion of two souls, and the honeymoon is the time that the couples have to perpetuate the love that has united them. The dreams of the bride and groom can come true in a land of love and magic as it is Costa Rica. The enchantment of this country will welcome you in these days in which your union begins to become reality.

Your perfect Honeymoon

To arrange your perfect honeymoon, we will work with you to make the arrangements and itinerary that you want.

We can customize any honeymoon for you or just plain start from scratch. There are several samples of honeymoons in Costa Rica here, but we can make yours as special as you’d like.

Call or email us today and let us create for you an unforgettable honeymoon! JESS Kalinowsky Professional Travel Consultant, Professional Destination Wedding and Honeymoon Planner. 2 to 2000 people! CR@FriendsTravel.com

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