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March 30, 2011

#FriendsTravel Costa Rica Wellness Hotels and Resorts JESS Kalinowsky FriendsTravel.com

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You have probably heard about Costa Rica as an ecotourism destination with stunning natural surroundings and inspiring initiatives to preserve them. But did you know that Costa Rica moreover has an expanding market for wellness tourism? Ranging from medical tourism, to spa- and yoga facilities or even complete yoga- or similar retreats, demand for an enhanced relaxation experience is on the rise. 

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Wellness in Costa Rica  

Thousands of visitors are attracted to this beautiful country on a yearly basis and for a great part opt for environmentally-friendly holidays, which is why over the past years Costa Rica has built a worldwide reputation as leader in Eco Tourism.

Recently however, a new tourism trend has begun to emerge in Costa Rica, which can be summed up under the term of wellness tourism. The prevailing types of wellness tourism in Costa Rica can be summed up as Medical-, Spa- and Yoga Tourism.

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Distinctive Spas  

Costa Rica is growing increasingly popular as a wellness destination with medical tourism and a multitude of hotels with spa as well as yoga facilities, Small Distinctive Hotels caters perfectly to that trend with an enticing offer of wellness facilities.

Located in the most naturally beautiful areas of Costa Rica. These accommodations are the ideal place to visit for a rejuvenating vacation.


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Yoga at Florblanca 

Florblanca Resort, located in the beautiful area of Santa Teresa, is popular among both residents and tourists for its unique yoga setting and classes. To find out more about what makes yoga at Florblanca this special, we have conducted an interview with Stefano Alighieri, yoga teacher at Florblanca.

Yoga classes can help you “feel the vacation not only outside, but from the inside too.”

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